The Avengers cast discuss their characters

The Avengers cast are in the full grip of their promotional commitments to the movie’s big April release, and have taken the time to discuss their various characters, and how they will fit together in the film as a whole.

Avengers has always been this kind of hovering [ thing ],” says Robert Downey Jr. “Is it really possible? I just think that it was an incredibly ambitious notion. I’m still trying to, without moving backwards, remember the character that [Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director ] Jon Favreau and I created, and be true to that.”

As for Chris Hemsworth, he reckons Thor has grown up a little for this one. “He was a petulant sort of kid at the beginning of Thor ,” explains the star, “and by the end of it hopefully you walk away thinking that he is matured and there was a grounded quality to him that wasn’t there before.. He’s [ also ] not quite the odd one out as much as he was in Thor .”

Captain America, the man displaced in time, has also undergone changes. ““Who does he have in the world?” asks Chris Evans. “Nobody. Rogers is kind of defined by his morals and values. In the ’40s there was much more of value on those things. Things are a little more impersonal these days.”

And then there’s the Hulk. “[ Bruce Banner ] starts like he’s sober in a weird way,” says Mark Ruffalo. “He’s started a whole new life when we find him, and it’s cool. The rage is something that is like going on a binge – you wake up after a blackout and you did all this fucked up shit!”

Excited? Yes, us too. The Avengers opens in the UK on 26 April 2012

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