Teen Wolf 2.08 “Raving” REVIEW

Teen Wolf 2.08 “Raving” REVIEW

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Episode 2.08
Writer: Jeff Davis
Director: Russell Mulcahy

THE ONE WHERE The Kanima goes after his next target, Allison tells Chris the truth about Jackson and the cast head to a secret rave where things get a little out of hand.

VERDICT Showrunner Jeff Davis certainly shows off his talents during tonight’s episode and it’s comforting to know that he’ll also be taking care of the rest of the season. “Raving” turns its attention to the master of the Kanima – we still don’t know who it is and fingers point to a few suspects thanks to a few less than subtle hints.

The big event of the episode is a secret rave – hence the clever title. Jackson is quick to grab himself a ticket early on and manages to freak out the ticket seller so much so that she disappears back up the elevator shaft. It must be that master of his making him act so weird and Colton Haynes does his best to put on his best scary performance; sadly it fails to make any sort of impression and instead, makes for awkward viewing ( he looked to me like he had a fish-bone stuck in his throat – ed ).

The following scene is an intimate and unexpected look into Stiles and his father’s relationship. There’s some cute banter thrown between them and it’s nice to see some well-deserved screen time for Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stanlinski). It’s also nice to see Dylan O’Brien turning out as the Xander of Teen Wolf – often annoying but loveable enough to get away with it. During this lovely scene, the two of them discover a pattern in the Kanima’s killings – all of the victims attended the same class in Beacon Hills during 2006. Moreover, that teacher that hates Stiles so much also happens to be involved. Remember last time when he left the library right before Jackson had another one of his supernatural episodes? Interesting…

Meanwhile, Allison is forced to tell Chris about Jackson after he shows her the dead couple from the previous episode. Little does Scott know – he’s too busy hooking up with his voodoo vet to come up with a solution to catch the Kanima. Dr Deaton gives them a bottle of Ketamine to knock Jackson out as well as some “magic dust” from a Mountain Ash tree, believed by many cultures to protect against supernatural creatures. This is all very well until Dr Deaton spiels some intense speech about how Stiles must “believe in the dust” in order to make it work. Okay, Teen Wolf that’s enough of that.

The rave gets going and it’s hard to not let the fact that the same song plays for around 15 minutes, but there’s enough action to distract you from that fact. Chris Argent turns up with his pack of wolf killers, whilst Scott finds out that Allison told them about Jackson. His plan goes ahead anyway and Stiles, Isaac and Erica dose Jackson with the Ketamine and lock him in an unused room.

After a brief interrogation, Stiles manages to speak to Jackson’s master through Jackson himself. It’s pretty freaky and done in a sort of Exorcist way. Sadly, the chemical quickly wears off and the Kanima escapes only to kill the unsuspecting ticket seller. It’s one of Teen Wolf ’s best kills to date, as he tears open her throat and she bloodily slides down some butcher-shop-style PVC curtains.

You would’ve thought that Scott would have been able to prevent the killing but sadly Mrs Argent has turned up to kill him. After witnessing a snogging session with Allison, she’s on a mission and Scott’s future is in the balance. Thankfully, Derek hears his painful cry and rescues him by biting the woman herself. The finishing minutes witness Mrs Argent in the arms of her worried husband and you can’t help but think she certainly got her comeuppance. What does a werewolf hunter do when his own kin are bitten? Tune in next week…

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DRAMATIC LICENCE The moment when Stiles thinks he’s almost run out of magic dust and can’t complete the circle around the night club and a nicely unexpected twist on fantasy cliché. But you cant’t help thinking that with so many people walking into and out of the night club, the circle’s going to be full of gaps before Stiles completes it anyway. And thank God it wasn’t raining.

WORST BIT Scott and Allison have one of their “moments” in the science lab. The crescendo of heartfelt music as they kiss is just TOO much!

BEST BIT Ms Morell turns up in Dr Deaton’s office after he saves Scott’s life. The pair of them have a very suspicious conversation, hinting that they are far more involved than we’ve been led to believe.

Derek: “I gotta be honest Chris. I was really expecting more from the big bad, veteran wolf hunter.”
Chris: “Okay then. How about didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gunfight?”

Sammy Maine

Teen Wolf airs in the UK on Sky Living, Thursdays

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