Taken sequel to begin filming in October

In conversation with ComingSoon , Luc Besson revealed that the sequel to 2008’s Taken will begin filming this October.

The second outing will see the return of the entire original cast, even including Famke Jannsen, who made a brief appearance as Liam Neeson’s ex-wife.

Besson said that Columbiana director Olivier Megaton has been using his time in Los Angeles to scout shooting locations for the next Taken flick, which will have some scenes filmed there.

Although there’s been nothing revealed with regards to plot details (for a while it seemed like Neeson might not be returning), it’ll be nice to see Neeson back on ass-kicking form as the relentless Bryan Mills.

Needless to say, if something else gets taken from him this time, he really should start taking better care of his belongings/family.

The untitled Taken sequel will film in time for a vague 2013 release.

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