Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler trailer shoots first

Fast hands, quick shields, cool hats and superior nut kicking abilities are just a sampling of the perks available to Star Wars: The Old Republic players who choose to live the life of a smuggler. Have a look at the other ways you’ll progress as a Han Solo wannabee in BioWare’s newest character progression trailer.

Judging by the video, Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a few branches for intergalactic gunslingers, all of which owe their moves and style to a certain Millennium Falcon captain who isn’t even born for another thousand years according to the game’s timeline.

“Whether running blockades to deliver vital supplies or evading Imperial patrols, the Smuggler must rely on his wit and guile just as much as the blaster at his side,” reads the Smuggler class description on the official SWTOR website. “As the price on his head rises and his enemies grow more dangerous, the Smuggler will have to acquire new skills and utilize more powerful weapons and armor to survive.”

You can engage in some far, far away gunplay when Star Wars: The Old Republic releases later this year. That is, provided you’re fast enough to scoop up one of the limited run copies on launch day.

Sep 12, 2011

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