Silent Hill: Downpour side missions guide

There are numerous side missions that can be completed throughout Silent Hill: Downpour and while they are disconnected from the events of the main story, they do offer some pluses for putting your time into them. Aside from the achievements and trophies for each, some missions will over various other rewards, such as weapons, items, and some pretty creepy and interesting stories.

There are 14 side missions all together, but unlike the rest, only “Digging up the Past” can only be done once you have completed the game. Below we have put together some videos to help you along the way with descriptions on how to finish off each one and get the most that you can out of your visit to Silent Hill.

All-Points Bulletin (opens in new tab)

Ashes to Ashes (opens in new tab)

Birdcage (opens in new tab)

Cinema Verite (opens in new tab)

Digging Up The Past (opens in new tab)

Homeless (opens in new tab)

Mirror Mirror (opens in new tab)

Ribbons (opens in new tab)

Shadow Play (opens in new tab)

Stolen Goods (opens in new tab)

The Art Collector (opens in new tab)

The Bank (opens in new tab)

The Gramophone (opens in new tab)

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