Rumor: Prey 2 close to cancellation

Bethesda may be close to announcing the cancellation of Prey 2, according to recent rumors from the Dutch website PS Focus (via Kotaku) that claim a “reliable source” has all but confirmed the sequel’s demise. The report, posted last Friday, added that developer Human Head Studios was slated to show the game at GDC 2012 earlier this month, but had its presentation canceled by Bethesda before the event.

Shortly after the report made its rounds, Bethesda responded to a follow-up call from GameInformer with a “no comment” reply. Neither it or Human Head Studios have updated their sites with any information, however the signs don’t look good.

Prey 2 was originally revealed for PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2011 as a (loosely based) sequel to the 2007 gravity-bending original for Xbox 360. When GR last saw it at E3 2011 (read: E3 2011: Prey 2 preview – an open world, Blade Runner-meets-Mirror’s Edge sci-fi shooter. Sure, why not?), Bethesda and Human Head had just enough content to get us excited about the open-world bounty hunting sequel. Unfortunately, the fact that we’ve heard very little about it since has us wondering if Bethesda is simply being evasive until it can announce the game’s cancellation under its own terms.

If the rumors are true, here’s hoping Prey 2 will find life with another studio. Let us know if you were anticipating this title, and what you think about its possible fate.

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