Resident Evil 6 trailer breakdown and speculation

Who is that girl with blonde hair? What about that guy with no hair? Why does everyone keep yelling? If you wondered any of these things while watching the new Resident Evil 6 trailer you weren’t alone.

But worry not! We did the work for you, breaking down the lengthy trailer into a lengthier analysis with over 18 minutes of slow-motion, speculation, and rambling about the new trailer.

It really does look like three games in one here: there’s the slow, methodical Resident Evil game with Leon; the fast Army of Two/Gears of War-style game with Chris; and the “what the heck is going on that guy just punched a zombie in the face” game starring the bald mercenary dude. Will it all work well together? Well, hopefully we’ll know soon. If you want to watch the original trailer without us blabbing over it you can check that out here.

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