RadioRadar+ Podcast 74: Proclaiming Persona 5s PlayStation perfection

The Big Topic:  Persona 5’s long development yielded proper results. 

Further discussion:  Living through your Switch bricking and other dead console experiences.

Persona 5. It is here. A full four years after its original proposed release date, two months after the GamesRadar crew finally started playing it, and just in time for the game’s release comes a podcast where we talk about the brilliant Atlus RPG’s story, style, and perfectly executed battle system. Fear not: WE ARE SPOILER FREE!

One spoiler, though: Anthony’s Nintendo Switch bricked for no reason. We talk through what happens when a Nintendo system goes down and look back on dealing with other catastrophic console failures. 


Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello (opens in new tab))
Susan Arendt (@susanarendt (opens in new tab))
David Roberts (@davidrobots (opens in new tab))

Intro: “Inspiration (opens in new tab)” by BoxCat Games, used under CC 3.0 (opens in new tab)

Outro: “Forever Believe (opens in new tab)” by Jason Shaw, used under CC 3.0 (opens in new tab)

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