Portal 2 DLC trailer: Cave Johnson walks you through the Perpetual Testing Initiative

Yesterday you heard from us that you had some Portal 2 DLC coming soon, with free map editor (opens in new tab) content, to look forward to. However, we’re well aware that in the hierarchy of things, we’re not as high on the informational food chain as fictionalized plutocratic caricatures like Cave Johnson, Andrew Ryan or John Riccitiello. If JK Simmons’ Portal mastermind wants to give this thing a formal introduction, we’re certainly not about to stand in his way.

You’ll get your shot at creating Portal 2’s most testing chamber when the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC goes live on Steam in early May, free for PC and Mac players and sadly nonexistent for PS3 or Xbox as yet. Maybe someone can knock together some portals to one of those alternate realities where the Perpetual Testing Initiative’s available for all platforms; it seems like a longshot, but the modding community is nothing if not full of surprises.

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