New Soulcalibur V trailer barely acts its age

Project Soul claims Soulcalbur V takes place 17 game years after thelast installation, yet judging by the new gameplay trailer from Gamescom, and the ageless condition of Ivy’s most defining – uh – ‘assets’, we’re inclined to believe it’s closer to 17 minutes. Nitpicky timeline issues aside, this minute-and-a-half clip does offer fans a closer look at the sequel’s new characters, moves and emphasis on speedy beat-downs:

Soulcalibur V stars Patroklos, the son of series’ veteran Sophitia Alexandra, whose destiny becomes intertwined with the Soul swords. He is joined by a host of familiar faces including Ivy, Maxi, Nightmare, and Siegfriend; as well as a handful of new characters including the teenage Leixia, Patroklos’ sister Pyrrha and the supernatural Z.W.E.I.

The sequelexpected to drop for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2012.

Aug 16, 2011

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Plus some worryingly familiar newbies

Newest Soulcalibur V trailer has Ivy with newcomers Natsu and Zwei in action
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