New Prometheus poster explodes online


We were only saying yesterday (opens in new tab) that we’re getting a bit fed up of seeing too much from Prometheus , but today we eat our words.

Because, as far as we’re concerned, the Fox marketing team can release as many beautiful posters as they want.

The new one-sheet below manages the trick of taking a moment we’ve already seen in a trailer, and freezing it in time to make it look instantly iconic.

It also follows the 2012 trend of showing a star with his back to the audience (we assume that’s Michael Fassbender engaging his curiosity circuits to gaze in awe at the massive explosion his colleagues are fleeing from) whilst still giving us forward-facing gawps at Noomi Rapace and Chalize Theron scrambling to safety.

Prometheus opens on 1 June. We absolutely cannot wait.

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