New on-set image from Riddick

A new image has been released from the set of sci-fi sequel Riddick , with Vin Diesel tapping into his inner badass once more to play the titular space criminal.

The new image shows Riddick crouched and ready for action, clutching a rather nifty-looking two pronged knife as he stares into the middle distance. At least we think he’s staring. Those signature shades make it kind of hard to tell…

Directed by The Chronicles Of Riddick helmer David Twohy, the film sees Riddick left for dead on a desolate planet, struggling to survive the attentions of ruthless alien predators whilst a team of bounty hunters also have him in their sights.

Chief among these is Dahl, a Nordic mercenary charged with hunting Riddick and bringing him to justice. She’ll be played by Battlestar Galactica ’s Katee Sackhoff, whilst Karl Urban will also reprise his role as Lord Vaako.

While The Chronicles Of Riddick was a little underwhelming, there’s no doubt that Diesel makes for a compellingly brutal anti-hero, so we’ll await this one with interest when it opens in 2013.

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