Need for Speed: The Run trailer outruns cars and Mother Nature

It takes a pretty talented driver to outrace someone in a high-powered sports car on a snow covered mountain road, but it takes a different kind of driver to try and outrace 10 tons of falling snow. To be fair though, watching a bright orange BMW M3 GTS and an Audi R8 slam into barriers and each other as they drift through sleet and ice is pretty exciting. Though if I’d plunked the cash down for one of these in real life, I’d probably just carefully cruise around at 35 mph, terrified of scratches and speeding tickets.

Need for Speed: The Run, along with Battlefield 3, is one of the first games using the new Frostbite 2 engine, and it’s clearly doing its job rendering that avalanche and deforming the snow on the road. The game puts you in the shoes of Jack Rourke as he attempts to win a cross country race from SF to NY. Check out ourhands-on previewfor a more in-depth look.

Aug 16, 2011

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