Modern Warfare 3s Vet and n00b return for some creative feedback

The anti-buddy saga of Modern Warfare 3’s “Vet and the n00b” continues in this new clip, directed once again by Hancock’s Peter Berg. Ubiquitous under-emoter Sam Worthington plays the man MW3 diehards like to see themselves as, with equally prolific tubby funster Jonah Hill showing a face arguably closer to the truth. Why fight it? Today we’re all Jonah Hill, kids – and he’s the one having all the fun here.

If you missed the debut of Hill and Worthington’s fantasy-quashing pairing, here it is. Of course, some of us don’t have thousands of dollars and Hollywood chums to put in a movie, and have to make do with playing the fool in-game, or doing it all with lego. If you were going to go with the big-budget option, though, this is probably a pretty good way to do it. And, in fairness, if you wanted to sell the most things ever, it’s probably the sensible choice.

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