Metal Gear Solid HD Collection gets limited edition with special art book

Special editions of videogames have become the standard for even B-level games the last few years, but when publishers actually put together a nice package, we can still appreciate it. And we also enjoy when developers put some real effort into their HD remakes. Thus we were really excited to hear that Kojima’s fancy HD remakes of his Metal Gear Solid are getting the limited edition treatment.

Aside from distinct packaging, it comes with a 248 page book titled “The Art of Metal Gear Solid,” so we can hopefully expect some glossy Yoji Shinkawa drawings. The actual game you receive seems pretty unchanged, with no extra content added to the HD versions of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker. One important detail was missing however: price. The regular version goes for $50, so hopefully the Limited Edition price won’t be too far from that. It hits stores the same day as the regular version, November 8.

Also in the same press release, Konami continued to counter some rumors that were floating around. Despite what you might have heard on the net coming out of TGS, the PS3 and PSP save data transferring for Peace Walker is still included in the English language version. That’s right, Tranfarring lives!

Sep 30, 2011

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