Mark of the Ninja trailer shows how youll kill from the shadows

Stealth is getting pretty popular these days, but it’s not much like the old stealth titles you might remember. Splinter Cell has become something else entirely, opting for a more action-oriented approach. While Hitman seems to be taking a similar path. So it’s refreshing to see a game like Mark of the Ninja go back to stealth’s basics: plotting your attack from the shadows, then executing with perfect precision.

Mark of the Ninja comes from Klei Entertainment, the talented souls behind the Shank (opens in new tab) games (opens in new tab). While those games weren’t completely spectacular, they definitely showed promise. Particularly in the wide array of combat options and the beautiful animation. So we’ve got high hopes.

There’s no set release date currently available for Mark of the Ninja besides “TBA 2012,” but you can check out our E3 preview (opens in new tab) to learn a lot more.

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