Mark Hamill joins Bert Kreischer in comedy based on the stand-ups viral train robbery story

Mark Hamill and Bert Kresicher are bringing a viral comedy tale to life in The Machine. Per The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), the film is based on Kreischer’s stand-up story about the Russian mob and a train robbery. The routine, studio Legendary says, has been watched over 85 million times. 

The story goes that Kreischer got involved with the Russian mob on a college trip, and eventually ended up robbing a train with them. You can check out the full video below.

The events of the film will take place 20 years later, and will see Kreischer and his dad, played by Hamill, kidnapped by those the comedian did wrong.

The Machine is said to be like a combination of The Hangover and Midnight Run, and will be directed by Keanu helmer Peter Atencio. It gets its title from the stand-up routine: according to Kreischer, in his first meeting with Russian gangsters on the trip, he declared, “I am the Machine,” which then became his nickname among the mobsters he met. It will film in Serbia. 

Kreischer shared a clip on Twitter announcing the news, with the comedian attempting to set up a Star Wars joke in his video:

Alright, secret time. I’m not going to rehab. I’m headed to Serbia to shoot my FIRST FEATURE with @hamillhimself! More info to come #TheMachineMovie @Legendary 13, 2021

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Hamill also posted a clip of him and Kreischer together:

I think I might already regret this. @bertkreischer #TheMachineMovie @Legendary 13, 2021

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This is Kreisher’s first feature film, while Hamill, as well as famously portraying Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, can currently be heard as the voice of Art Rosebaum in Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible, which is streaming weekly now.

The Machine doesn’t currently have a release date. While you wait, check out our guide to the best Netflix movies to find something new to watch.

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