Item 47 Actress Says She Wont Be Starring In SHIELD TV Series

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Item 47 star Lizzy Caplan has told Coming Soon that her character, Claire, will not be starring in the upcoming Joss Whedon show-run SHIELD television series.

“I can’t really,” explained the actress who appears in the Marvel One-Shot short movie that comes with the Blu-ray version of Avengers Assemble (unlike a Joss Whedon commentary… mutter… grumble… broken record…). “I have my own show so I will not be a regular on the Marvel SHIELD show. But I’m glad people are so excited about that. I think it’s a good idea… Maybe I could do some little thing.”

Which is a bit of a shame, because as anyone who’s seen Item 47 will know, she’s a fun character, and it looks like she was being set up as an ongoing… well, in case you haven’t seen it, we won’t say whether it’s as a hero or villain.

But we still hold out hope for Titus Welliver (see the SFX interview with him here ).

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