Human Centipede II to get UK cinema release?

“This work was passed with no cuts made,” says the ruling for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) on the British Board of Film Classification website.

We never thought we’d hear those words about about a film that has been using the phrase “Banned in the UK” to sell itself to other countries.

It’s only when you look a little deeper you realise it’s not quite the Full Sequence , as the BBFC’s remarks include the line: “Cut version. Pre-cut by company in line with DVD version.”

The version Bounty Films submitted on 6 June 2011 that was rated R ran at 86 minutes and 50 seconds, while the cut that has been passed as an 18 Certificate for film and DVD now runs at 84 minutes and 19 seconds.

That’s two minutes and 31 seconds the rest of the world is ‘enjoying’ and we’re not!

Oh well, at least we’ve still got access to the Human Centipede game . All the challenges of classic Centipede with the added fun of human ass-to-mouth action!

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