Hitman developer is apparently working on a big new multiplayer game

Hitman developer IO Interactive is apparently working on a new multiplayer game.

Earlier this week, a new job listing for an executive producer went live on the studio’s official website (opens in new tab). The new role wants someone to “head our AAA multiplayer project,” according to the description, while also mentioning that the Executive Producer will also be responsible for delivering a game on “all platforms.”

Additionally, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak told IGN (opens in new tab) earlier this week that the developer was working on other games aside from the mysterious “Project 007” James Bond game. Abrak confirmed to the outlet that IO Interactive is currently working on Hitman, the James Bond game, and third game, which he didn’t reveal any additional information about.

Right now, we know more about the unnamed James Bond game than we do of this new multiplayer game. We recently heard the developer reveal that their iteration of the character won’t be based on any one actor who’s previously embodied the role, nor will it be based on any one of the many James Bond movies. Instead, IO Interactive will develop an entirely new story for their own version of Bond.

However, it sounds like Project 007 will be a big departure from Hitman for the studio. A recent job listing in February asked for a writer who could deliver “character-driven scenes with substantial dialog,” something the new Hitman trilogy isn’t exactly known for. It would appear the new James Bond game is going down a more cinematic path.

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