Heres how to extend the 60 minute Resident Evil Village PC demo

PC players have already worked out how to get a little extra time with the Resident Evil Village timed demo.

The demo – which has just released on PC, and is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia – is supposed to restrict play to just 60 minutes, regardless of your progress. However, it looks like you can extend your stay in Resident Evil Village by resetting the timer.

As confirmed in the Resident Evil Village section on Steam, user Leaves suggests the following:

  • Disable Steam Cloud for RE8 Demo
  • Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)
  • Delete Local Savefiles (Located: D:\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\1541780\remote\win64_save\)
  • Delete those Files
  • Start Steam SAM
  • Select RE8 Demo
  • Remove Achievements and Stats, confirm.

Do all that, and when you run the demo again, you should get a full hour on the timer (thanks, PC Gamer (opens in new tab)) although – naturally – this won’t offer any more content, only more time to explore the places shown in the demo.

From now until May 9, you’ll be able to start playing the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo (opens in new tab) and continue until two days after the game officially launches. That means you can move from the demo to the full game without a gap in-between if you like what you play.

ICYMI, Resident Evil Village’s ESRB rating (opens in new tab) has been published online, and it offers a fairly detailed glimpse into the blood, carnage, and enemies you’ll come across in the forthcoming sequel. Lady Dimitrescu isn’t the only enemy standing in Ethan Winters’ way, as the game’s ESRB rating confirms, you’ll also face “werewolves, ghouls, mutants, [and] mechanical humanoids”. 

None of this is particularly surprising if you’ve been paying attention to the trailers and details (opens in new tab), but it’s amusing nonetheless to read all the gruesome details listed in such a transactional fashion.

“Some attacks result in decapitation and/or dismemberment of enemies, often accompanied by large splatters of blood; some areas depict large bloodstains and entrails within the environment,” reads an explicit portion of the listing from the ESRB’s official website. 

“Cutscenes can depict additional acts of intense violence and gore: a character’s heart ripped out of their chest; a person chopped through the shoulder by a machete; a character impaled through the chest by a giant weapon; a person repeatedly shot. The words ‘f**k’ and ‘sh*t’ are heard in the game.”

Make the most of the 60-minute demo with our Resident Evil Village demo walkthrough (opens in new tab).

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