Garrus saves the day in Mass Effect 3 combat trailer

Commander Shepard may be a natural leader, but in combat he’s easily matched by the skills of his squadmates. With Liara’s bone-crushing biotics and Garrus’spanty-dropping sniper action, the crew of the Normandy can handle whatever threat the galaxy throws at them.In this Mass Effect 3 combat trailer from Gamescom,BioWare highlights Shepard’s ability to direct his deadlyteam for a coordinated assault.The situation gets tough whenan Atlas walker tosses Liara like a ragdoll andShepard starts freaking out because his shields are down, but trust Garrus to save the day and turn the tide of battle.

Above:In case you can’t be bothered to watch the video, this pretty muchsums it up (opens in new tab)

We get excited over new Mass Effect 3 anything, but as cool as this trailer is, it’s pretty light on new details.It appearsto be the first part in a series, so let’s hope that BioWare and EA keep the info flowing.

Aug 16, 2011

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