Game of Thrones RPGs Story trailer offers a new take on familiar material

A new story trailer for Game of Thrones? But you already know all about where to put the pointy end, winter being coming, etc, etc. However! This is a clip for Cyanide’s Game of Thrones RPG, revisiting events and characters from the show (or the book, if you’re some sort of poindexter) through the eyes of two new protagonists. Which means it’s some new footage pertaining to Game of Thrones – that being arguably the most popular thing you can put in a video at the moment without going NSFW.

Game of Thrones offers a fresh take on the franchise through the eyes of a Red Priest and a new recruit to the Night’s Watch. James Cosmo and Conleth Hill guest-star on vocal duties; the two play Mormont and Varys respectively on the TV, allowing their presence to bring the game a welcome element of legitimacy without being as distracting (or costing as much, presumably) as a Bean or Dinklage might prove.

Expect to hear more about the game between now and May, particularly when you’re all caught up on HBO’s impending second season and are just typing “Game of Thrones” into Google and hitting “refresh” every 30 seconds. Come on, don’t act like none of you have done that.

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