New issue delight, a trip to 2000 AD and how to get your Captain America pop up frisbee back in its pouch in this week’s peek into the SFX office

Thwop! “What’s that noise?” We hear you cry. Well, if you’ve picked up the latest issue of SFX you’ll know there’s only one thing it could be – the satisfying sound which accompanies the sudden pop of our latest freebie. For those not in the know, issue 212 of SFX comes with a 100% free and 110% awesome Captain America pop up frisbee. The office has rarely been so hazardous. We’ve also been hearing that a few of you are having difficulties fitting Cap’s shield back in its pouch. SFX instruction bot, activate! (warning: those with a low tolerance for extended crotch shots, avert your eyes from the video above).

Throwing shields is all well and good, but according to the survey we’ve been conducting on the SFX site over the past week, you lot are more interested in taking to the skies (opens in new tab) than taking out co-workers with a metal disc. Can’t say we’re surprised.

Nick spent the weekend at the University of Chichester, mixing it with diabolical masterminds and catsuit-clad lovelies at The Avengers 50th Anniversary Celebration. He was particularly thrilled to finally meet an Avengers girl in the form of Linda Thorson, alias the iconic Tara King, and even more delighted to discover that she knew SFX . He now has a vision of Steed and Tara attempting Blastermind while quaffing glasses of vintage champers. He returned to the office to find an alluringly mysterious package, which turned out to be a telescope, of all things. An astronomically-flavoured promo item for Falling Skies , apparently – we just knew The Sky At Night didn’t have that kind of publicity budget…

On Monday, Jordan zipped down to London on First Great Western’s finest (note: not actually that fine) for a screening of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and was greeted by the sweltering inner-city heat. You can read his thoughts on Michael Bay’s latest opus here (opens in new tab) , but the question that’s been plaguing him since his latest trip to Leicester Square has had little to do with giant robots or how exactly Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got a role in a billion dollar franchise (oh, right), but how have they managed to fill four floors of M&M World with M&M merchandise? The mind boggles.

Rob and Dave B went to Oxford to meet folk from 2000AD , Solaris and Abaddon earlier this week. They had a tour of the office where they saw the mighty Tharg overlooking the production of 2000 AD and heard the latest on Judge Dredd movie Dredd , before retreating to the pub. Rich meanwhile is sorting out stuff for San Diego Comic-Con, writing a news story about The Matrix Live for the website, and looking forward to doing this month’s Afterlife interview this afternoon…

Ade is still very amused at the Tardis Waste Disposal Lorry he spotted earlier this week. Is this a secret government team trained to dispose of Alien goo or something?

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Random quote of the week : “There’s a lot of crap in that show, but she floats to the top.”

Whose Mug? (last week’s answer: they were Rich’s kicks!)

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