Final Fantasy X: HD remake in early development, producer Kitase on board

Tenth-anniversary reissues of Final Fantasy X are in the early stages of development for PlayStation 3 and Vita, says German games publication M! Games (via Siliconera). The reissues, first hinted at during last year’s Tokyo Game Show (opens in new tab), will be receiving an HD release this year and is officially being overseen by original producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Above: A sample of FFX’s famously agreeable look, self-defeatingly scaled down to 380p

FFX, a relatively early release on the PlayStation 2, was the series’ first foray into full 3D, an innovation that showcased the PS2’s power perfectly, as the game remains one of the prettiest titles in the history of either Final Fantasy or the PS2. This year’s HD remake will give players the opportunities to avoid Blitzball, stick their fingers in their ears whenever Wakka shows up onscreen, and be utterly confused by the final hour’s worth of plot twists – all in sparkly smooth 1080p. Seeing as this is exactly what we asked for (opens in new tab) a little over a year ago, can we get the ball rolling on a high-def FFXII next?

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