Ezio figurines will fill the plastic-assassin-shaped hole in your heart you never knew you had

Above: This impressive array of Castlevania’s dramatis personae includes everything from the infernal Flea Man to a Dracula who’s ready to party and doesn’t care who knows it

Above: Duke Nukem betrays a seldom-seen pensive side in NECA’s interpretation: could the prospect of a whole new future be a bit much for the stalwart misogynist?

Above: You wouldn’t want to run into this Big Daddy in a dark alley – partly for his terrifying pose but mainly for risk of crushing the miniaturized miscreant. Luckily the facemask lights up in a variety of intimidating shades

Above: What these SF4 figurines lose in the clunky armatures, they make up for with the ability to bend, flex, and stage your very own matchups (and you would, don’t deny it)

Above: If you’re going to immortalize lesser-known heroes, at least choose ones with distinctive, conversation-starting features: the effed-up arm on Prototype’s Alex Mercer qualifies nicely

NECA’s Assassin’s Creed figurines go on sale on the first of September; the hooded variant is a GameStop exclusive, whereas you’ll need to hit up Toys ‘R” Us for the messianic-white version. Which one takes your fancy?

Aug 9, 2011

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