Exclusive clip of Mel Gibson in How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation hits UK cinemas next month, and we’ve got a sneak peek clip so that you can sample Mr Mel Gibson back in action again.

Mel chats to a young Mexican boy about liver failure and organ donation (as the pair chain-smoke), and he reveals his violent past as a US military man. That’ll prove relevant, as Vacation sees Gibson back in action man mode, a type of role he’s had a sizeable hiatus from.

The action caper has already been warmly received over in the States where it was released at Get The Gringo , and it’s not too long until we’ll get to see it in the UK.

Get a taster for the film with the exclusive clip below [ warning: contains strong language ]:


How I Spent My Summer Vacation opens on 11 May 2012.

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