E3 2011: Fable: The Journey continues the story in Albion, integrates Kinect

An excited Peter Molyneux took the stage at Microsoft%26rsquo;s press conference today to announce the next evolution in the land of Albion. Citing that Fable contained a %26ldquo;living, breathing world%26rdquo;, a trailer revealed that Albion was, once again, in trouble.

Above: No word if yelling %26ldquo;Giddyup!%26rdquo; at your Kinect will make your horse run faster.

The demo immediately following it presented Kinect%26rsquo;s integration with this latest iteration of this action RPG. Controlling a horse-drawn carriage via hand motions like an invisible set of reins followed by a series of encounters with enemy Hobbes revealed how different, but specific, hand motions translated to everything from melee attacks to area of effect type spells on large groups of enemies.

No specific release date was given other than a %26ldquo;2012%26rdquo; flashed at the end of the presentation.

June 8th, 2011

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