How to solve the Destiny 2 Memories of Ruin puzzle at the Altar of Reflection

The Memories of Ruin puzzle found at the Altar of Reflection in Savathun’s Throne World is one of the Destiny 2: Witch Queen campaign’s trickier conundrums. 

Solve the first Rune Patterns puzzle in the Memories of Ruin quest  

To solve the Rune Patterns and proceed with the altar quest line, you’ll need to identify three out-of-place sequences of runes. Once you load into the Memories of Ruin quest area, you should see a low altar that has eight slabs with five runes each. Five of these slabs will show the same sequence of runes but three will look different. 

The three oddball slabs may have one rune out of place or several; it seems to be different for every player. Whatever the case, shoot the three unusual slabs in order to solve the Memories of Ruin puzzle. If you shoot a wrong slab, you’ll have to start the sequence over, so use a precise weapon to shoot them – no explosive rounds or high-recoil auto rifles. 

What to do when you return to the Altar of Reflection puzzle 

That’s all you need to do the first time you encounter the Altar of Reflection Rune Patterns puzzle. However, you will run into it again a bit later in the campaign, and you’ll then need to solve a similar but larger puzzle. 

You’ll start this second puzzle by applying the same process: check the small altar in the middle of the room and shoot the three slabs of runes which are different from the rest. After that, you’ll need to do the same for the large round altars in the corners of the room. 

Each round altar has its own set of rune slabs. Be sure to check all the way around each altar to make sure you’ve seen the rune slabs on all of them. Once you’ve checked all the altars, identify three additional out-of-place rune patterns and shoot them in sequence to solve the puzzle. 

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