Derek Hill to make $500 Halloween remake

It seems everybody’s favourite Shatner-faced slasher Michael Myers is set to make YET ANOTHER reappearance in Halloween: Vengeance.

Forget the likes of John Carpenter, Rob Zombie and Patrick Lussier… it’s Derek Hill’s turn to flog the Halloween franchise.

But who is this Derek Hill we hear you cry? Well, he’s a 30 year-old indie filmmaker who’s produced an impressive 22 films on a minimal budget.

Hill’s vision is to reinterpret Carpenter’s classic on a budget of $500, using a handful of local actors and locations.

He’ll then pitch the finished product, H alloween: Vengeance, to Dimension Films.

According to Hill “This is a fan film and a tribute piece to pay homage to this particular series of films.”

Hill claims to be a huge fan of the Halloween movies and hopes that his version will be the new instalment in the series.

So will the bigwigs at Dimension listen to the ‘little guy’ and give him a chance to make this next chapter of Halloween a success?

Who knows, but keep your eyes on this one, because it may well kick-start Derek Hill’s career.

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