DC Supervillain Count Vertigo Coming To Arrow Sort Of

Another DC supervillain is set to make his mark on the CW’s new smash hit superhero show Arrow , but he won’t be quite the same as he is in the comics. Oh sure, the show has been pretty loose with it interpretation of DC characters so far already, but the changes to Count Vertigo are particularly radical.

In the comics, Count Vertigo is the last descendant of the royal family of small eastern European country of Vlatava that was taken over by the Soviets and later became devastated by the Spectre. He has the powers of flight and to induce vertigo. A long time member of the Suicide Squad, he first appeared in World’s Finest in 1978 and soon became a major nemesis for Green Arrow and Black Canary.

However, TVLine reports that in Arrow, the name Vertigo will be given to a drug that’s sweeping Starling City, while a character similar to the Count Vertigo comics will appear, but under a different name (our prediction – he’s a foreign drug tycoon who can make people feel dizzy, but can’t fly… because flying is expensive on TV).

According to T VLine ’s source: “He will be truly scary and nightmarish… [he will be] Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”

Other DC heavies who have been adapted for the show include Firefly, Deadshot, China White, Deathstroke and The Huntress.

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