Converse releasing Super Mario 25th Anniversary sneakers

Collecting designer shoes is a hobby reserved for people with money and fashion; two things I’m relatively low on these days. Regardless, there’s bound to be some video game fashionistas with a few extra bucks kicking around, so perhaps there is a market for these special edition Super Mario Chuck Taylor Hi shoes from Converse after all.

A collaboration between Nintendo and Converse Japan, the shoes were designed to celebrate Super Mario’s 25th Anniversary – albeit a few months late. The sneakers feature an 8-bit Mario in a variety of famous poses, and an invincibility star in place of Converse’s iconic logo. They are available in black or white, making them perfect for formal dinners or a jaunty day at the beach.

Unfortunately, the Super Mario kicks will only be available in Japan when they are released this July. In the event Converse Japan doesn’t open them up towestern orders, there’s always the chance of acquiring them via online auctions or through the grace of your Japanese friends. Assuming you haveJapanese friends.And money. Fashion doesn’t hurt, either.

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Apr 29, 2011

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