Choose your favorite Robin! Three costumes revealed for Batman: Arkham City sidekick

Who knew the controversy over Robin and Batman: Arkham City would focus not on the divisive character’s mere inclusion in the game, but on his appearance? Fans didn’t seem to mind that the tights-clad, potentially silly sidekick would join the gritty franchise, just that he looked too much like the generic buzz cut hero of InFamous.

Now, with the reveal of two more Robin costumes, even that concern has been addressed. You can play as the hooded Standard Robin, the older Red Robin or the classic red-and-green Robin from The Animated Series.

All three costumes are playable in the game’s challenge modes, though it’s currently unclear whether all three are a part of Best Buy’s Robin pre-order bonus in the US (the image above was spotted by on the German version of Amazon).

One last, possible fun fact: the main Robin in Arkham City has been confirmed by Rocksteady as Tim Drake, but the Animated Series Robin is Dick Grayson and the mantle of Red Robin was once held by Jason Todd. So in addition to choosing your favorite Boy Wonder costume, you can choose your favorite Boy Wonder, period.

Well, which will it be?

Aug 22, 2011

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