Beyond Good & Evil Game Club Episode 3: The Slaughterhouse

Welcome to the third episode of GamesRadar’s Game Club for Beyond Good and Evil! If you’d rather just listen, you can do that below. Join in on the discussion in the comments or you can click here for the MP3! Take your pick!

If you don’t know what GamesRadar’s Game Club is, you can find out more here. The quick rundown: We’re playing Beyond Good & Evil in digestible chunks and talking about what we played on a podcast each week. There will be fun video content interspersed as well, but the real fun is the interaction and the discussion. We’ll prompt you with questions that you can answer in the comments below, and we’ll all pitch in with our thoughts as well. It’s a book club for games, because we love games more than books.

GamesRadar’s Game Club Beyond Good & Evil Episode 3

As a reminder, you’re only supposed to play until the end of the Slaughterhouse. No spoilers please!

This week’s questions are…

  • Are you still enjoying the game?
  • Is the camera unbearable?
  • What did you think of the races?
  • Does the game still hold up this far in?
  • Will you see it through to the end?
  • Are you even still with us?

Talk amongst yourselves, debate, tell us what you think! We love to hear from you.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Beat the game!

Not sure what the Game Club is? Check out the GamesRadar Game Club Hub for more information.

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