Beyond Good & Evil Game Club Episode 2: Factory workers

Good news, everyone! The second GamesRadar Game Club for Beyond Good & Evil is live – and it’s on iTunes! Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! (opens in new tab) If you’d rather just listen, you can do that below, too – or you can just comment! Or you can click here for the MP3! Whatever you want!

If you don’t know what GamesRadar’s Game Club is, you can find out more here, but if you just want the quick pitch, here it is: we’re playing Beyond Good & Evil in chunks and talking about what we played on a podcast each week. There will be fun video content interspersed as well, but the real fun is the interaction. We’ll prompt you with questions that you can answer them in the comments below, and we’ll all pitch in with our thoughts as well. It’s a book club for games, because games > books.

GamesRadar’s Game Club: Beyond Good %26 Evil Episode 2

As a reminder, members are supposed to have played up through the end of Factory, so don’t spoil anything beyond there.

This week’s questions are…

  • What do you think of the city? Did you get hooked on any mini games?
  • What do you think of the dungeon? Did you like the bosses? The puzzles?
  • Have your views on Pey’j or Jade changed from the beginning, or do you still feel the same?
  • Do you trust IRIS? (Don’t answer this if you’ve already beaten the game!)
  • What do you want to see from later levels?
  • Are you starting to understand why this game has grown to become so popular?

Let us know in the comments, and talk amongst yourselves – we’ll be piping in with our thoughts, too, so let’s get this thing rolling!

FOR NEXT WEEK: Play until the end of the Slaughterhouse
and then stop!

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