Bethesda details Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners Arsenal DLC

Outmanned on the Lonesome Road? Undergunned in Old World Blues? Bethesda is one day away from delivering a ton of extra firepower to Fallout: New Vegas care of the Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC, and it’s spent the last few days detailing the many new weapons, mods, and perks heading for the Mojave wasteland.

Available tomorrow, September 27, the Gun Runners’ Arsenal will ship with a little something for every survivor. For example, energy weapon enthusiasts will be able obtain the GRA Laser Pistol, a ‘low-end’ energy weapon packing major upgrades; the MF Hyperbreeder Alpha, an automatic Recharger pistol; the Cleansing Flame high capacity flamethrower; the Sprtel-Wood 9700 high-speed Gatling Laser; and The Smitty Special, an automatic Plasma Caster embued with a laundry list of modifications. Rounding out the list of radioactive gear are the devastating GRA Tri-Beam Laser Rifle and the stealthy Plasma Defender.

For the traditional gun nut, Bethesda’s DLC will arrive with an equally exhaustive selection of modified pistols, shotguns, battle riles and sniper rifles. It will also include new new ammo types, weapon mods, and explosive recipes for items like the Tin Grenade, Fat Mine and the tasty sounding Nuka- Grenade.

All of these additions have been described in detail by New Vegas’ project director Josh Sawyer on Bethesda’s Blog through an ongoing series of posts. Even more info is expected to drop before the DLC’s release tomorrow on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for $3.99 and 320 Microsoft Points, respectively.

Sep 26, 2011

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