Battlefield 6 leaker clarifies claims about games campaign

A Battlefield 6 leaker has spoken out against claims which he says are false.

Earlier today, well-known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson took to Twitter to post about the forthcoming game in EA’s FPS series. Seeing that someone on Reddit had recently claimed that choosing to fight for one superpower in Battlefield would lock you into selecting from a few nations to originate from, Henderson claimed this information was false.

You’re a group of individuals from fallen nations – You’re free to fight to fight for which ever side you want. So in theory a Japanese soldier could fight for both the USA and Russia.April 20, 2021

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As you can see from Henderson’s tweets above, he makes clear that you can supposedly fight for either the US or Russia in Battlefield 6, regardless of where your player character hails from. So if you create a soldier who originates from Britain, then you can fight for Russia and oppose the US, for example.

This all ties into Henderson’s previous claims about the nature of Battlefield’s campaign. Henderson claimed that the forthcoming game would feature a co-op campaign, where the player can choose to fight for either the US or Russia, the last two remaining superpowers in a near-futuristic Earth.

In these claims, Henderson referred to Battlefield 6‘s campaign as “Battlefield 3/4 on steroids.” As for the slightly futuristic setting, the leaker claimed that we’ll be seeing things like robots and drones throughout EA’s new shooter.

Separately, Henderson also claimed that Battlefield 6 would be revealed in full by EA in May, which means there’s hopefully less than a month to go until we see the game for ourselves. Additionally, the leaker also stated that the new game would be skipping out PS4 and Xbox One releases, opting instead to launch purely on PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. Whether these claims turn out to be true or not, we’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

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