Batman: Arkham City Collectors Edition features custom statue and Dark Knight Returns costume

You thought the replica Batarang shipped with Arkham Asylum was cool? Take a long, drooling look at all the fan service goodies promised for the sequel’s $99 collector version. Full breakdown and close-up images below…

What do we get for our extra $40 on October 18? The most obvious highlight of this package is the custom statue, designed by well-respected Japanese toy studio Kotobukiya to mirror Arkham City’s box art, right down to the stark black-and-white (with a dash of blood red) color scheme. And what’s this? A secret drawer for you to store all your precious valuables, safe in the knowledge that angry plastic Batman will allow no harm to befall them.

The real prize for comic book readers, however, is this alternate costume taken from what is often touted as the best Batman story ever told – Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Younger gamers may not appreciate playing as a retired, overweight, middle-aged version of Bruce Wayne, but for those of us who know the 1986 classic, this is fan service of a very high degree. Note that buying the collector’s edition only nabs you “early access” to this costume, implying that it will eventually be available to everyone through DLC

Those who purchase the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition will also receive “early access” to an Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, set in The Penguin’s famous hideout. If what I saw of the villain’s role at E3 is any indication, this challenge map will likely feature Batman facing off against dozens of thugs in a Fight Club-esque battle arena, giving players a chance to practice their double and triple takedowns.

Rounding out the Collector’s Edition are the usual art book, four collectible cards, a copy of the animated movie Gotham Knight and an album “featuring original music from hit artists.” That last item is particularly intriguing: Is this a soundtrack? If so, does that mean Arkham City features real songs and not just instrumental, incidental themes? Or is this more of an “inspired by” album similar to what Moby did with BioShock? We’ll know more soon – personally, I’m crossing my fingers for a remix ofBatdance (opens in new tab)!

What do you think about Batman: Arkham City’s Collector Edition? Is this enough bang for your 99 bucks? Do you plan on pre-ordering? Tell us in the comments.

Jul 19, 2011

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