From The SFX Vaults: Bad Wolf

A classic SFX feature from January 2011

Annik Borel as Daniela Neseri

Werewolf Woman (1976)

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Daniella is a woman plagued by strange dreams about dancing around naked in the night before turning into a (sort of) werewolf. Then when her sister turns up with her husband, Daniella becomes attracted to him and starts turning into a werewolf woman in real life. She’s soon ripping fellas’ throats out left, right and centre, usually after copulating with them.

This desperately confused film is a bizarre sleaze-fest with tons of nudity and gore. The make-up job on the werewolf woman is hysterical, just a load of stuck-on fur and black prosthetic nipples. As some chap on the internet excitedly exclaimed, “Don’t forget about the hairy tits!” (Another pants, “She has the longest nipples I’ve ever seen!”)


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