Asuras Wrath: Preorder bonuses for Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop

Here’s the trailer for Amazon’s preorder bonus, the Devastator Pack, which allows Asura to take less damage and get angrier doing it. Asura being a ragey hero in the mold of Kratos, the Hulk or Steven Colbert, you want him as angry as possible, as often as possible.

Best Buy’s offering, the Infinity Pack, which has the ability to recover faster from overheating after heavy attacks and increases the time-limit of your Unlimited Rage Mode. GameStop, meanwhile, has a preorder bonus for collectors who don’t want a helping hand: a collectible comic/art book with Penny Arcade’s humorous take on Asura, and a look at CyberConnect 2’s concept art. The game releases Feb 21, so you have a while to decide just which store offers the most attractive anger-management options.

Capcom has released details on the preorder bonuses (opens in new tab) available for its upcoming beat-em-up, Asura’s Wrath. Depending on your preferences as a player, you can opt for Amazon’s defensive perks, Best Buy’s attack-centric ability pack, or GameStop’s arty offering with things to put in your eyes while you’re taking those hourly breaks the manual reminds us to observe.

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