Amazing Spider-Man movie game finally returns hero to open world

Beenox is the developer responsible for Spider-Man’s most recent adventures, including Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, which were adequate games, but lacked one key component: New York City. Both went with separated, linear levels, leaving behind the open world trappings of Spidey games of old. After a few years break, Beenox is taking Peter Parker back to where he fits in best, as the newly announced Amazing Spider-Man movie game will feature an open NYC once more.

The gameplay snippet above made its premier at New York Comic Con Saturday and showed the new film version of Spider-Man spinning webs around NYC. After having just played the claustrophobic, boxed in Edge of Time, we feel incredibly relieved to see the return of the open world. Just seeing Spider-Man run free through New York lifted our spirits, and the graphics look impressive too. Maybe this is what the A team at Beenox was working on while the B squad slaved away on Edge of Time.

That same day our old friend One of Swords aka Dan Amrich had some more choice details. Apparently the team is very influenced by the Spider-Man 2 game, arguably still the best Spidey game, and that there’s a mysterious new element to the title that will immerse players more than ever. Additionally, the game takes place after the Amazing Spider-Man film, so don’t expect a simple retread of scenes from the movie. We’re hearing all the right things about this game, but the letdown of Edge of Time still stings. Until we see more, let’s say we’re cautiously optimistic.

Oct 17, 2011

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