$16K Deluxe NES Set now selling on eBay

Videogame collecting can be an expensive hobby, especially if one hopes to nab every last rarity. It can also be a confusing pursuit since no one really has a handle on how vintage gaming items are valued, and there’s always the risk of getting hosed. Take this recently spotted $16,000 Deluxe NES Set now up for auction (opens in new tab) on eBay. We don’t really know what to think about this seemingly insane offer, except that we wish we had richer friends.

Selling out of Quebec, Canada, the plastic-wrapped, factory-sealed NES Deluxe Set features R.O.B. The Robotic Operating Buddy, the legendary Zapper, an NES set, two controllers, and both the Gyromite and Duck Hunt games. Normally, this would sell in flea markets for a few hundred bucks max, however this particular set has been slapped with an 8.5/10 condition ranking by the Video Game Authority rating association, which supposedly means it’s worth a ton more.

According to the seller, the console’s $15,999.95 starting bid also reflects the rarity of this particular Deluxe Set, which he claims was part of Nintendo’s very first New York City test run, writing, “Here it is, right in time for Christmas! Up for your consideration is an authentic October 1985 version of the Deluxe Set, which was distributed during Nintendo’s first test market for the official launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System. 100% Brand New and graded by VGA. A true collector’s dream offered to you for the Holiday Season!”

The auction runs until December 23. There are currently no offers.

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