12 SF & Fantasy Spin-Offs We Wed Love To Have Seen

Some that actually came near to reality, some that are just on our fantasy wish list

Some shows give us the spin-offs we deserve – series that are as good, or even better than, the original programme (think Star Trek: The Next Generation or Angel ). Other shows give us spin-offs that we watch and think, “Did someone really think that was a good idea?” (See: Young Hercules , Galactica 1980 ). Others have been mooted but never materialised, much to our despair.

In honour of all those shows we can’t get enough of, we defy the laws of time, space and logic to take a look at 12 delicious fantasy spin-offs we’d love to have in our lives… Some of them were seriously mooted, others are just ones we daydream about.

By Jayne Nelson and Dave Golder .

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1 Sideways

Spun off from: Lost

Who’s in it? James Ford and Miles Straume, two ordinary cops with extraordinary secrets…

What’s it about? Ford works for the LAPD alongside his partner Straume, catching crooks, fightin’ crime and nailing the bad guys. But he’s secretly on a mission to find out who killed his parents – and why is it that he sometimes allows criminals to escape (clue: they’re usually pretty)? Meanwhile, Straume is struggling to do his job when he’s constantly hearing voices from beyond the grave. Ghostly connections come in handy when he’s trying to solve a murder, but it plays havoc with his love-life!

Watch these two oddballs as they peel back the layers of their lives to discover that they’re not really who they seem to be… And why the heck are there polar bears in LA, anyway?!

Why do we want it? Lost ’s final season was a divisive one, with the show’s controversial “flash sideways” showing us a brand new side of our beloved heroes, but all for no good purpose, ultimately. Of all the flashes, Sawyer and Miles’s little law-enforcement double-act was the most intriguing – wouldn’t it be cool to see them again? It would be odd hearing Sawyer being called “Ford” all the time, though, and we’d miss him calling Kate “Freckles” (unless he used it on Miles, which would be…er… forget that).


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