The 10 best moments in the history of Resident Evil

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With Resident Evil 6 almost upon us, we thought it was time we took a look back at the greatest moments in the series’ long history. We’ll be totally honest with you: Our list ended up being full of suggestions from the first game and Resident Evil 4. Strange, that. Still, we whittled away the chaff from the wheat and came up with a definitive list of unforgettable moments. And these are they. Spare underpants at the ready? Good. Then let’s go…


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10. Nemesis’ relentless pursuit (RE3)

We have a rule when were making best moments list at GamesRadar. You cant just say Resi 3: The whole thing. But each moment the eponymous Nemesis smashes through the wall is another defining moment in the series. The first time is bad enough, but it just keeps happening. So well go with the one where you really hoped it wasnt about to happen, but then it did. Which is pretty much all of them.

9. Tyrant Battle (RE1)

Before it became a predictable and boring trope, the countdown timer at the end of the first Resi was a brilliantly tense moment. Waiting for a helicopter on the helipad, youre left to run around trying to avoid the Tyrant, who is faster, stronger and more aggressively-named than you. The bastard. Good job the chopper drops a rocket launcher allowing you to literally blow it to pieces. And with hardly any time left on the clock! What luck.

8. Steve Monster (RE Code: Veronica)

Poor, poor Steve. As if his family problem from earlier on wasnt bad enough, he ends up turning into a huge green monster, attacking his newfound love with a ****off battleaxe, then saving her from certain death, before turning back into a man (now naked), telling her he loves her, then dying. Leaving her stuck in a room with a corpse. And all this in the space of about 5 minutes of game time? Like we said: Poor, poor Steve.

7. Over here, Stranger (RE4)

Theres a lot to be said for the Merchants introduction to Resident Evil 4. He first appears outside a window in a cut-scene. Until now, everyone youve met has either tried to stove your head in with a pitchfork (as messy as it sounds you need something blunter for that, really) injected you with something awful, or insulted you for being American. So you wonder what on Earth hes got under that coat as he opens it. Thank goodness its guns and not nothing.

6. Licker outside the window (RE2)

Youve made it out of the streets and into the relative safety of the police station. Some first day on the job for Leon. Its mercifully quiet and zombie free. Thats when the camera flicks to the next screen. And you see movement. Your eyes are drawn to it, but its already gone… theres just a window. What was that? You find out a few moments later, but the sense of menace and threat that this simple trick conveys is palpable. If any one moment can announce Resis back, its this.

5. Mine cart ride (RE4)

Every game should have a mine cart. It should be the law. This one is particularly noteworthy, and not just because it brings yet another new element to the already bountiful gameplay feast offered up by Resi 4. Defending your cart from Ganados who manage to jump down into it (or, comically, under it) as you trundle along is great fun. Its Uncharted 2s train section, only years earlier. And deserves just as many plaudits.

4. Dogs through the window (RE1)

Not too far into the first Resi, you think youve got things sussed. Zombies dont move that quickly and you have your gun equipped now which is always a bonus. Even the camera angles are getting friendlier. Look: This camera is allowing you to see all the way down this empty corridor. Feeling bolder, you run forwards and thats when you jump right out of your skin. Zombie dogs smash in through the window and start eating your face. Perhaps you should have bought Crash Bandicoot after all

3. Cabin siege (RE4)

An angry mob is coming up the hill after you, complete with burning torches, is enough to put Straw Dogs-style fear into anyone. And they just keep coming! Its a shame Resi 5 re-used the idea so shamelessly. In isolation like this, it really feels terrifying. Used too frequently, its an arcade actioner in the style of CoD Zombies. Which is admittedly great, but no-one gets scared of that. Cabin siege, though? Badassery in videogame form, and totally unforgettable.

2. Salvador appears (RE4)

Hmmm thats funny. That sounds like a one-stroke engine. Like a dirtbike or something. Its coming closer. It could be a dirtbike. Although I dont see one. In fact, all I see is one big guy with a sack over his face carrying a oh, right, hes got a massive chainsaw and wants to kill me. Id better start shooting him. Its doing nothing! Hes coming closer. More shots, still nothing. Reloading? Oh no! Too late. Oh my god, thats a lot of blood! And that thing rolling on the floor has floppy hair like Leons head. Ah. Thats that then. Crikey.

1. First Zombie (RE1)

The security camera-style viewpoint obscures your line of sight at the end of a corridor, forcing you to venture forward into the unknown. Thats where you discover a zombie munching on one of your colleagues, who is obviously dead. How do you know? Look, his heads just fallen off. Then the zombie looks round, sees you, then gets up, presumably to shake your hand. Its shaking already. You havent got your gun equipped, the door at the other end of the corridor is locked and the zombie just keeps coming. This is terror. And its freakin brilliant.

Don’t worry, you’re still alive really…

It’s just the end of the article. We hope you enjoyed this feature and its Reminiscent Evil. But perhaps we missed out your own favourite moment? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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