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Get a look inside Augusts milestone Daredevil #650

Just as writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto are relaunching their fan-favorite Daredevil run with a new #1 starring both Matt Murdock and Elektra in the lead as co-Daredevils, the newly launched series will reach a milestone as August’s Daredevil #2 also doubles as Daredevil #650 under Marvel’s so-called …

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A new Spider UK takes the spotlight in Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 continues the anthology limited series’ new exploration of Spider-Man’s presence in the Multiverse and introduces a new incarnation of a classic Spider-Man Multiverse ‘Variant’, Spider UK. And according to Marvel, the issue will also reveal the “threat behind the Spider-Verse’s destruction.” Edge of Spider-Verse #2 variant …

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Savage Spider-Man #4 brings out Spideys animalistic side

Savage Spider-Man is living up to its name by turning Peter Parker into a full-on Spider-monster, not unlike the Man-Spider from the ’90s Spider-Man animated series. Now, in Savage Spider-Man #4, things are getting even more wild and wooly as Spidey’s struggle against the super-science villains known as the Immaculatum …

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