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How to make money fast in GTA Online

Knowing how to make money fast in GTA Online is essential information for building up your bank balance, and believe us when we say you’re going to need stacks of cash as (almost) nothing comes for free in this world. To get your various criminal enterprises off the ground in …

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GTA Online Peyote Plants locations

If you’re searching for GTA Online peyote plants, then unfortunately we have some bad news for you. Although they haven’t been removed from the game entirely, they can only be found during specific events and as a result are not a permanent feature around Los Santos and Blaine County. They …

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GTA 5 canon ending revealed by The Contract

Grand Theft Auto Online’s The Contract story has seemingly made one of GTA 5’s ending’s “canon.” As first reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab) yesterday on December 16, The Contract is a brand new story update set years after GTA 5’s conclusion, bringing back Franklin and Lamar for a …

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