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Best powerless superheroes

Not all heroes wear capes – and not all of them even have superpowers. In fact, some of the most well-known superheroes are technically powerless when it comes to their own physiology. Okay, so what do we mean by “powerless”? Do we mean a team like Batman and Robin (who …

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DCs May 2022 comics revealed

Spring is a time of annual renewal and in DC’s May 2022 solicitations, it’s a series of endings and beginnings.  Let’s start with the endings… The Batman-Robin-Deathstroke Inc. crossover ‘Shadow War’ wraps up in May, with its final issues and an appropriately-titled Shadow War: Omega special.  Plus the Suicide Squad …

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Marvel vs. DC: The biggest dream matches ever

It’s been a very long time since Marvel and DC officially crossed over, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon given the stories DC and Marvel rivalry is essentially dead. But with the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic still affecting the comic book industry, we’re still going to keep arguing …

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