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Best cheap gaming headsets in June 2022

The best cheap gaming headsets are those which are going to offer solid performance, a reliable build quality, and a robust mic, with a great-value price point.  We always think that an audio upgrade is worth it in gaming, as the advancements are real, and the edges you can gain …

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The best Xbox One accessories for 2022

The best Xbox One accessories can not only rejuvenate your previous-gen setup, but can also provide a cheaper alternative to new Xbox Series X gear. Thanks to the Series X’s backwards compatibility, Xbox One accessories have never looked so good. Prices are dropping and tech is improving, which means there’s …

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How to buy a great gaming headset

Gaming headsets are very much in vogue. Gone are the days where we were satisfied with the tinny, garbage mics and earbuds packed in with our consoles (or available at bodegas for $5 or less); these days, sounding like you’re being piped through one of those plastic throwaways is the …

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