Survival is timeless? What is Ubisoft teasing with this beefy cave painting?

Ubisoft has just tweeted (opens in new tab) a strange image along with the text “survival is timeless,” seemingly teasing the company’s next project. You can see a (slightly) cropped version above, while the full image is below. There’s also a livestream of the image (opens in new tab) with some vaguely prehistoric-sounding ambience, which will probably show something more, at some point. It’s all very mysterious.

Okay, so it’s a cave painting of an incredibly jacked male figure (I hear the Paleo diet does wonders) standing with what looks to be a torch and a bow. Maybe, after a series of games which moved the timeline forward, we’ll get Assassin’s Creed: Cavemen? No lie, I think it’d be kind of cool to parkour across primeval Earth (the story would be sure to be utter nonsense, but I think that’s a fair trade).

Whatever it is, hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

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