Radical Entertainment teams up with Dark Horse Comics for Prototype 2 comic

Radical Entertainment has announced a partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a miniseries fleshing out the world and characters of Prototype 2 ahead of the game’s release. Prototype 2 author Dan Jolley has previously penned stories for Doctor Strange, JSA, Sabretooth and others, so he didn’t seem to have a problem knocking off a few scripts for the series.

The comic’s three issues will begin with the Paco Díaz-illustrated The Anchor, which continues Alex Mercer’s storyline beyond the events of the original Prototype. Issue 2, The Survivors, sees Chris Staggs illustrate a story set within the game’s New York Zero, which editor Dave Marshall describes as “a character in and of itself” and “a comic artist’s paradise.” The third issue, artist Victor Drujiniu’s The Labyrinth, introduces Prototype 2 protagonist James Heller, providing backstory for the events prior to the game.

The comics will be available bi-weekly from Feb 15 on Dark Horse’s digital site, with a collected hardcover due for release in Summer. Prototype 2 releases late April, shortly after the comics have got you all up to speed.

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